three-piecesThe Metal Press is part of Autodromo Ltd and you will find us at Unit 6, West Wales Business Park, Redstone Road, Narberth. There is a shop display within the workshop foyer.  Everything produced by the Metal Press is made within the workshop and our dedicated team who cast, clean up, barrel-polish, electroplate and build each piece by hand.

Moulds are made using black organic rubber in 12 inch moulds which are made using a vulcanising press working at 200 degrees for two hours at 2,000lbs of pressure.  This makes the rubber very hard so that it withstands the temperature of the metal. The plants and shells of the metal press have been put directly between the two layers of rubber that make the mould – (a kind of rubber sandwich!)

The metal is melted in a crucible and then poured into the mould as it is spinning in a centrifugal casting machine. When cooled the metal parts are taken out of the mould and the sprues removed , before they are polished and then electroplated.

Elecrtroplating uses a copper and then nickel base, before other techniques and finishes are used, including silver-plate and patination techniques.

Silver-plating uses real silver within a plating solution. Having been electroplated using real silver the jewellery can tarnish after time, but a quick gentle rub with a cloth should restore the shine very quickly. Tarnishing happens with oxidization and exposure to cold damp air so please keep your pieces in a warm dry place.

Please be aware that nickel can cause allergies in some people and should be avoided if you have sensitive skin. I can produce pieces in Pewter-only with a good shiny bright finish, so please order especially for me to make for you. These pieces would be offered on a thong since our snake chains are also silver plated at this time.