Food-Festival-BroochI can make 12inch moulds and edition castings in different grades of metal. There is a mould charge and then a cost per piece produced.

I can offer a barrel-polishing service alongside electroplating in nickel, silver, rhodium and gold/gilt. Parts can be electroplated even if very tiny 0.5mm. Pattern making is offered by Autodromo our parent company for new product ideas, logo enhanced patterns, keyrings, gaming parts, special gifts, trophy displays  and bespoke items.

You can make your own objects to be cast from many materials including fimo, milliput, wood, brass… almost anything can be translated for moulding purposes.

Remember if you find something special you can always send it to me to see if it is possible to edition.  If I decide its good to produce you will get a free product for your find, but the item will then become part of the Metal Press collection.